Waist stool


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Applicable age: 0~48 months
Back method: horizontal hug / chest / kangaroo / back
Waist circumference: 71cm~110cm
Bearing capacity: about 25 kg
Fabric: face cloth cotton, fabric: face cloth cotton

Cotton material multi-function, 1 piece travel” easy storage (waist stool with storage function)

Micro-circulation breathing window, cool and breathable summer is not stuffy, breathable mesh, three-dimensional mesh structure, intimate anti-stretch pad, focus on the comfort details of each baby
Newborns hold the neck and protect the head from the head. The baby’s head and neck are very soft within 3 months. Good head and neck function is very important.

Compared with inferior straps – not conducive to joint development, inferior straps do not consider ergonomic design, the baby’s bones are oppressed during use, seriously affecting bone development



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Weight 0.72 g
Dimensions 430 × 230 × 130 cm

Wine Red seasons, Blue flower seasons, Cowboy blue flower, Fresh green, Cherry Pink flower, Blue breathable, Blue, Pink, Pink Breathable, Dark blue Breathable, Dark blue


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