Ultrasonic Face Care Scrubber


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Minch Ultrasonic Face Cleaning Face Care Scrubber Vibrating Facial Massag Skin Peeling BlackHead Remover Home Use Beauty Devices

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
Remove hemorrhoids: ultraschallvibration the acne in the pores immediately washed with water and removed immediately.
Eliminate acne: ultraschallvibration by nebulization with distilled water, cleaning and removal of dust, cosmetics, etc. to improve various skin problems can in a short period of time.
Remove dead skin: under the action of water, ultrasonic vibration function, in order to remove dead skin, and now the skin clean.
Fade wrinkles the skin: ultrasound can keep warm, in order to achieve the effect of the faltenentfernung.
Diluted melanin: control tyrosinase under effect of voltage diluted melanin.

Functions: remove blackheads, clean skin, reduce wrinkles, whiten skin, essence introduction
Battery capacity: 600 mah
Battery: rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Gear adjustment: three gears can be adjusted
Voltage: 3.7 V
Output power: 2W
Charging mode: USB charging (including charging cable)
Output voltage: 5V/600mA

Packing list:
1Pcs* Ultrasonic Face Cleaning Beauty Devices
1Pcs* USB Charging Line
1Pcs* English Instructions

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