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FEATURE 01 Muti-bag Large Capacity Design
Under the appearance of individual character,careful consideration is given to inner quality,
with multifunctional capacity design,can put notebook,books,clothes and  other goods;
Strong capacity  lets you experience better.
1.Upside Main Bag:Which can hold 15-inch laptop,charger,iPad,mobile phone etc.
2.Bottom Camera Bag:Adjustable shock proof camera bag,can put 1*camera+2*lens+1*flash light
3.Side Camera Bag:Right side pocket,camera can be taken while walking,and take photos easily.
4.Front Zip Mesh Bag:Can put mobile phone,data cable,camera battery and so on.
5.Side Velcro Card Bag:Can put various cards,easy to take out.
6.Front Velcro Pocket:Can put notebook,wallets,small pieces of cosmetics and other items.
7.Side Zip Pocket:Can put mobile phone,wallets etc.
8.Elastic Side Mesh Bag:Can put umbrella,bottle,easy to take out.
FEATURE 02 Wash Canvas+Crazy Horse Leather
The bag is made of the canvas and crazy horse leather;
with strong toughness,high abrasion,
clear texture,soft and delicate touch,not easy to break off the line.
FEATURE 03 Suspension System
1.Mesh fabric layer guaranteed ventilation;
2.Sponge layer–strong cushioning effect;
3.Foam layer–excellent damping effect.
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Weight 1.21 g
Dimensions 350 × 400 × 40 cm

Khaki, Black, Green


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